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At the top with nowhere to go

April 5, 2015 Crain’s New York Business Local hospital consolidations squeeze executives out of their jobs. When Mount Sinai Hospital took over Continuum Health Partners in 2013, top health care executives and physicians from both systems had one thought: Were their jobs safe? They had good reason to worry. Once the dust settled over the merger, many senior-level workers were gone as the two systems consolidated operations to save money. Some of those laid off are still job-hunting or have […]

September 27, 2017 ×

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Nonprofits are finally getting paid to treat illness at its source

Nonprofits are finally getting paid to treat illness at its source

Treating New Yorkers with histories of mental illness or substance abuse is particularly costly to taxpayers. But with nonprofits being paid to keep people out of the hospital, that’s about to change.

March 13, 2016 ×


Hospital for Special Surgery to open new joint in Connecticut

An Upper East Side medical center known for treating star athletes and baby boomers is expanding its footprint outside the city. But first, state regulators order the elite institution to serve more Medicaid patients.

January 15, 2015 ×


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Insurance co launches a cash-for-health program

But will Amazon gift cards spur healthy behaviors?

December 9, 2014 ×


‘Hands off our hospital’ is the new normal

One hospital tried to close a campus and got hauled into court by disapproving locals. Another attempted to expand, but neighbors said no way. When it comes to health care, community activism is now standard operating procedure.

June 5, 2014 ×

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Corner-store doctor gains traction in New York

Health clinics inside drugstores, which offer immunizations and treatment for minor conditions, have exploded nationwide but largely bypassed New York. That’s about to change.

March 10, 2014 ×


Hydroponics company predicts weed growth in NY

TerraTech Corp., a publicly traded company that specializes in hydroponic plant cultivation, has set up an east coast division and is looking at New York sites. Lawmakers move closer to some legalization.

March 7, 2014 ×


Medical marijuana may not be kind to hospitals

Hospitals in states where medical pot is legal have steered clear of distributing the drug for fear of running afoul of federal laws—and possibly losing government funding.

March 1, 2014 ×

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A rising tide lifts this boat

A rising tide lifts this boat

A farmer tries to cut his carbon footprint by moving food by sail from Vermont down to New York City. Environmentally sustainable, yes. But economical?

November 17, 2013 ×